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Highest H2 Concentration in the Industry
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Molecular Hydrogen H2 Tablets- HydroRich Ultimate
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Molecular Hydrogen is bringing a Revolutionary Shift to the Health and Wellness Industry. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to learn all you possibly can about the numerous potential benefits of Molecular Hydrogen. We feel the best way to do this is to hear directly from Researchers, Doctors and other Specialists who have a wealth of experience in this field.

A great place to start: The Molecular Hydrogen Institute. 


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Molecular Hydrogen H2 Tablets- HydroRich Ultimate

Why choose HydroRich™ Ultimate?


Highest Hydrogen concentration in the Industry.
Over 9.0 ppm H2 with 1 Tablet in 16 oz of water.
Over 12.0 ppm H2 with 1 Tablet in 8-10 oz of water.

Contains highly absorbable Ionic Magnesium.
The most bioavailable form of this extremely important mineral.

Highest concentration of H2 achieved in under 2 minutes. No need to wait an extended period of time. (15 min / 30 min / or overnight)

The micronized Magnesium in the Tablets create H2 Nano-Bubbles. The most powerful way of infusing H2 into water. (Nano-Cloud Technology)

High-Tech Product. A minimum of 27 mixing and micronizing steps are required prior to pressing the Tablets. We use manufacturing facilities with the highest quality standards, and are GMP Certified.

Total Portability. Anywhere – Anytime. Hydrogen water can be created anywhere, including while flying on airplanes. (Can pass through any TSA checkpoint) No need to lug around heavy bottles, cans or pouches. Ultra High Dose Hydrogen Water on Demand – in under 2 minutes.

Environmentally Friendly. Nothing to throw away. (No aluminum cans, bottles or pouches)

Hydrogen Water can be created in an open container. (In a glass or un-capped bottle) No need for high internal pressure and the inherent problems that it can create.

Super-Saturated Hydrogen Water is created at a pH of 5.5. The absolute optimal pH for Skin, Hair and Beauty applications.

No need to drink excessive quantities of water.
1 cup (8 oz.) of our Hydrogen Water will give you a higher H2 dosage than drinking 1-2 Quarts of a product with low levels of Hydrogen. (Low ppm)

Cost Efficiency. Compared to the best-selling “packaged” Hydrogen Water products on the market, our Tablets are less than one-third the cost, and produce anywhere from 4-6 times more Hydrogen. (ppm) Shipping costs are also considerably cheaper.

The Tablets can also be used with your favorite non-carbonated beverages. (Fruit Juices, Teas, Energy and Electrolyte drinks, etc.) Hydrogen infused juices are amazing!

Our Tablets contain no preservatives, are Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten-Free. Only the very highest quality ingredients are used in this Globally Patented product.  Rest assured that you are getting the finest product available for your hard-earned money.

Hydrogen Concentration Tests - Using Methylene Blue

Over 9ppm H2 with 480ml of Water

Open Container – Under 2 minutes

Over 14ppm H2 with 250ml of Water

Open Container – Under 2 minutes

Molecular Hydrogen - Articles and Videos

H2 Videos

The Science of H2 Water

The Science behind Hydrogen Water.  Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, and James B. Lavalle. Izumio Water is sold pre-made in Aluminum Pouches. The H2 concentration, at production, is 2.6ppm with 200ml of water. 1 HYDRORICH Tablet in 200ml of water will achieve...

Presentation on Molecular Hydrogen by Tyler LeBaron of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation

The 19th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference. Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG). Medical conference in Las Vegas, Nov. 2015, for Medical Doctors to receive CMEs/CEUs.

Dr. Joseph Mercola on Molecular Hydrogen and Magnesium

Dr. Joseph Mercola speaks about the benefits of Magnesium and Molecular Hydrogen in mitigating the damage created by Electronic Devices and EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). He also mentions the benefits of consuming H2 Tablets while flying in airplanes. The video...

Interview with Dr. Garth Nicolson Ph.D, on Molecular Hydrogen and Hydrogen Rich Water

Dr. Nicolson on his research with Hydrogen, and Hydrogen Rich Water.

Molecular Hydrogen and Gut Health

The Hydrogen Revolution - Interview with Dr. Elen ApThomas on the importance of Molecular Hydrogen and Gut Health.    

Molecular Hydrogen and Anti-aging

The Hydrogen Revolution - Interview with Dr. Elen ApThomas on Molecular Hydrogen and Anti-aging.  

Hydrogen Water and Parkinson’s Disease

Results of a Research Study on Molecular Hydrogen and Parkinson's Disease.    

Professor Shigeo Ohta, Nippon Medical University.

Japanese TV Interview on Molecular Hydrogen and Hydrogen Water. (Subtitled)
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HydroRich™ Ultimate

The Highest Quality, Highest Concentration, Molecular Hydrogen Tablets on the Planet.

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